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Salmon Arm Home Building Centre Flyers


Home Hardware.ca, where all Home Building Centre flyers are sourced has changed. Please follow the instructions below to access online copies of our flyers.


Store Location Indicator Screenshot at Home Hardware.ca



To access the correct flyer for Salmon Arm’s Home Building Centre, you have to ensure the store listed under “My Store” is the correct one.

Here’s how…

On every page at HomeHardware.ca, near the top left you will see the Home Hardware logo and the words “My Store”,

  • Click it to open it and see if it is correct. If not,
  • Click the link “Choose another store” or click “Store Locator” and make the correction as needed.


What if no flyer is showing at Home Hardware.ca?

All online copies of flyers for Home Buidling Centre are located at Reebee.com. Click the image below to access any online copies of all flyers there.

(Please note: Reebee also works based on your location. This is found at the top right of the webpage.)